The most effective way to lease or purchase a property in Maribor is to search online.


Some basic information:

  • Apartments in the centre of Maribor and in the area of the whole left side of the Drava river are normally more expansive than apartments on the right side of the Drava river.
  • Smaller apartments (studios, single room apartments and two-bedroom apartments) reach higher price per square meter than larger apartments.
  • Make sure to conclude an adequate rental contract with the selected apartment owner.

  • Upon taking over the apartment, make a detailed handover record (if you find that the apartment or equipment in it is damaged, inform your landlord immediately - attach photo material).
  • The landlord can ask for the payment of security for the apartment (one to three monthly rentals). This money must be returned to you upon the expiry of your contract and residence, if you have not damaged the apartment or its equipment.
  • You will be best protected if you rent an apartment through a real estate agency which must provide you with all the necessary support and inform you of the current legislation in the field of real estate in the Republic of Slovenia.

Acquisition of property rights to real estate for aliens in the Republic of Slovenia is regulated by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia.


New Reciprocity Act that regulates the manner and procedure for establishing reciprocity has been in use since 17 September 2017.


All the necessary information on the acquisition of property rights to real estate can be found at:


Župančičeva 3

1000 Ljubljana

T: 01 369 5342


W: Ministrstvo za pravosodje (detailed information available only in Slovenian language)

A list of real estate agencies in Maribor – for lease or purchase of the properties:


Information about the possibilities of student accommodation can be found under section: STUDY